Analysis of the contest for change (WP1)

T1.1 Baseline studies

T1.2 Online workshops’ plan

T1.3 International courses plan

T1.4 Assessment of administrative procedures

Development of training modules (WP2)

T2.1 Delivery of the online Workshops

T2.2 Delivery of the  international courses

T2.3 Design an international course in rural development and the accreditation processes

Knowledges and tools for territorial development (WP3)

T3.1 White book – good practices

T3.2 On-line library for territorial development

T3.3 Method manual of planning and management of rural territorial development

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (WP4)

T4.1 Definition of quality procedures and methods

T4.2 Monitoring of project activity

T4.3 Monitoring for workshops and international courses

Dissemination and capitalisation of results (WP5)

T5.1 Website realization and maintenance

T5.2 Webinar and e-learning platform

T5.3 Dissemination plan

T5.4 Other dissemination materials and tools

T5.5 Final conference

Project management (WP6)

T6.1 Kick-off Meeting

T6.2 Steering Committee Meetings

T6.3 Stakeholder involvement

T6.4 Day by day technical, financial and administrative management

T6.5 Project Sustainability Roadmap


Online International Courses Opening Webinars