Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste

The Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste is a formal Organization of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires. It is a University recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Nation. Its Institutional objective is to promote the harmonious development of Southwest Buenos Aires through the integration of teaching, research and extension functions. Our Institution offers free careers in 18 Municipalities of the region, with territorial relevance. As well as applied research and transfer activities. The lines of institutional interest that guide the aforementioned activities are: Local and regional development processes; Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education; Financing of micro, small and medium enterprises

The UPSO has developed, since its beginnings, a line of research and technological transfer based on the processes planning of local and regional development. There have been accomplished, concerning university technological transfer, 5 planning processes in local governments of the southwest province of Buenos Aires. These activities have allowed the university to gain experience in work team and to improve the methodologies for the design on the processes planning of local and regional development. Claudio Tesan and Erica Porras are two references of the Institution. Two economists with experience in coordination of planning processes of local development and academic training in the subject, with publications on methodological issues of planning. They have integrated the commission of creation and pursuit of the university: “Degree in Local and Regional Development”.